Meal Plan Like a Boss(mom)

"What's for dinner?" Such a seemingly simple, yet incredibly frustrating question. If you don't know the answer, the kids get cranky and you get hangry.

Let's be honest here. Meal planning DOES take time and your minutes are limited. However, if you just spend a few minutes following these steps, you might save yourself plenty of time in the long run.

Go ahead and print out that free meal planner. You'll notice we've included EVERY meal of the day. I know I can't stand to see a meal planner with nothing but dinner. I mean, is that the only meal you're eating??? I doubt it.

Anyway, start with this simple planning method.

  • First, identify any meals you DON'T have to make. If you'll be eating out ogoing to a party, write that down and save yourself the trouble.
  • Identify the busy nights where you'll want something quick. Can you throw something in the slow cooker? Or does a simple frozen pizza make more sense? Maybe one with a cauliflower crust...
  • Write a list of everything in your fridge and your counter that's perishable. Put all these items on your menu for this week. Plan your meals and snacks around them.
  • Next go the freezer. Add those frozen veggies to your meals!
  • Add at least one meal of leftovers at the end of the week.
  • Now look at the blank spots on your planner. What's missing? NOW, you decide what you want to eat and add all the ingredients to your grocery list.

That's it! You'll probably save time and a bit of money. Do you have any meal planning tips? We'd love to hear them!

Print Your Free Meal Planner Here!